Saturday, 24 July 2010

Tribal aries tattoo designs | Gallery aries tattoo

aries tribal tattoo
aries tribal tattoo is an astrological sign for people born from March 21 to April 19. The sign takes in the form of a Ram and is believed to be a representation of the warrior. Characteristics of those born under this aries tribal tattoo Zodiac include strength and independence. They are also thought to be ambitious and have the capabilities of becoming a great leader. Mars is the Ram’s ruling planet which is also connected to the element of fire.

Art aries ram tattoo
Aries Ram tattoo designs are very interesting and varied. Before deciding on any one in particular think about what the symbols represent and what you want to say with your ink design.

big aries tattoos

aries tribal tattoo can be represented via the animal it corresponds to (Ram) or the symbol “Y” with the ends curled to depict the horns of the ram. Those who choose a tattoo of the aries tribal tattoo sign basically brandish their personality, using the tattoo as a symbol of their individuality. Those under the aries tribal tattoo sign are usually the ones who choose to use this tattoo; however others see it as a representation of someone they love under the same sign.
black aries tribal tattoo

star and aries tattoo

tattoos aries simple

tribal aries tattoo

Many people have their aries tribal tattoo zodiac star sign tattooed on them - Why go for a small design? It's a far better idea to go for an intricate and complex tattoo!