Tuesday, 5 January 2010

art Aries zodiac Tattoos

Unifying the symbol with the element is a common motif for art Aries zodiac Tattoos, and if you are putting together a art Aries zodiac Tattoos for yourself, this can make some wonderful images. For instance, Pieces is obviously a water sign, and typically it is represented by two fish facing opposite directions. What kind of fish appeal to you visually and do you feel any association with certain types of fish? Pieces can be represented by two goldfish, two dolphins (even though, like you, they are mammals, not fish) or even two sharks, and each one will create a different image and a different feeling. It is important to look for a design that is going to symbolize your attitude to the world, and using details like this one can be an important way to do it.
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Sagittarius Horoscope zodiac Tattoos

Being that I was born on December 13th that surely places me in the race for Sagittarius Horoscope zodiac Tattoos which are the best in my opinion. Yeah, I know that it’s just an opinion but you got to admit they are pretty darn cool. I have an artist working on one for me right now and once it’s complete I’ll be sure to post it to the site so you guys and girls can rate it.
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