Monday, 18 January 2010

air brush tattoo of girl

air brush tattoo of girl

air brush tattoo of girl is At the appointed hour we hailed a cab to 53rd and Broadway for the show, and then I lost my wallet. I either left it in the cab or it fell into the street. I’ve since canceled my credit cards and I’ll be at DMV tomorrow for a new license and registration.

Now, last summer I found a pocketbook bobbing in the water near Fire Island. I tracked down the owner and returned it. Could that be enough good karma to help my wallet find its way back home? I’ll let you know…

Cirque Dreams was very impressive and somewhat frightening at times. I really thought one of those acrobats was going to get hurt. They must be as crazy as they are talented. But they put on an excellent show that’s cute enough for kids yet stunning enough for adults.

After the show we walked from the theater through Times Square (a.k.a. The Crossroads of the World) back to Penn Station. Times Square is a stunning sight at night. Lights and people everywhere, the streets are packed so tight you can barely move.

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