Thursday, 17 December 2009

gemini tattoo zodiac girl

gemini zodiac tattoo girl

you want to have a tattoo but if you are confused what a beautiful tattoo and then you have the proper meaning to look for ideas in one example sini.ini tattoo with the tattoo gemini zodiac.
According to Greek and later Roman legend, Castor and Pollux were indeed the sons of Leda, but Castor was conceived with her husband King Tyndareus while Pollux was conceived with the great god Zeus, who had seduced her. Thus Castor was a mortal and Pollux immortal. Their heroic lives and exploits together were characterized in many famous tales, many of which vary in their details through history (such as rescuing their kidnapped sister, Helen of Troy). However, one constant seems to be the reason that they are always paired in the night sky.

As Castor lay dying, fatally wounded in one of their adventures, Pollux was at his side when Zeus offered to Pollux the choice of giving half of his immortality to Castor. Pollux, of course, accepted and in some myths they alternate their time between Mount Olympus and Hades and in other versions they are transformed into the constellation, together for eternity.

Today, the symbol for gemini looks almost identical to a roman numeral two, two vertical lines between two horizontal lines, above and below. However, in ancient Greece, it was originally drawn as just the two horizontal lines. As with all zodiac tattoo symbols, though, we can choose from the graphic astrological symbol or the more elaborate depictions of people and animals, which in the case of gemini is often a pair of male twins, although it's also not unusual to see a man and woman as well.